2024 Hamlin Lake Fisheries Status

At this time the Hamlin Lake Fishery seems to be functioning very well. The fishery of Hamlin Lake is very dynamic and is always changing in regards to population and location of the fish in the lake. The 2019 Fishery Creel Census Survey financed by the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society (HLPS) and conducted by Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries indicated a healthy fishery. This is the latest fishery survey for Hamlin Lake.

Currently, a great source of information for the Hamlin Lake Fishery is the Face Book Page, Hamlin Lake Fishing Reports (Ludington, Mi). This is a reliable source of information on the Hamlin Lake Fishery.

HLPS’s current efforts in the Hamlin Lake Fishery include. Continuing to support the Mason County Walley Association with a $2,000 donation is 2024. Continuing to communicate with Mark Tonello, MDNR Fisheries Biologist for Hamlin Lake.

We are also collaborating with the Wolf Lake Hatchery that raises Hamlin Lake Muskie. A proposed project to install a sonar bird deterrent at the facility has the potential to increase the production of muskie fingerlings that are planted in Hamlin Lake. The cost of this system is $15,000. HLPS has pledged $4,000 to the purchase and installation of this system. The Mason County Fin & Feather Club has pledged $1,000. The Michigan Muskie Association is working to obtain the remaining funding through their own financial contribution and obtaining a grant.

HLPS is committed to maintaining a sustainable fishery on Hamlin Lake. Your input and financial contributions are greatly appreciated.

Hamlin Lake is the largest man-made lake in Michigan.