Hamlin Lake Walleye Fishery

From what I have heard in recent years Hamlin Lake has become a good walleye fishery for those who target walleye in Hamlin Lake. Success varies season to season and year to year but overall, the fishery is sustainable with the current stocking prescription.

All walleye stocked in Hamlin Lake in recent years have been spring fingerlings produced at the Mason County Walleye Association Pond with eggs obtained from the Muskegon River. Here are the number of fingerlings stocked and the year that they were stocked.

2011 – 152,250

2012 – 25,755

2013 – 217,764

2015 – 150,455

2017 – 149,865

2019 – 151,372

2022 – 142,464

2024 – 150,000 projected at this time

  The current prescription for Hamlin Lake Walleye stocking is 150,000 spring fingerlings on every other year basis. Hamlin will next be stocked in 2024.

  In the 2019 Creel Survey the harvest estimate for walleye was 1,152, with another 1,032 released by anglers.

  This information was provided by Mark Tonello, Fisheries Management Biologist who oversees the Hamlin Lake Fishery. Quoting Mark “From what I hear, Hamlin is a very good walleye fishery, particularly for those who put the time in to target them repeatedly.”

  The Hamlin Lake Preservation Society (HLPS) has been one of the first supporters of the Mason County Walleye Association and continues to provide financial support for the walleye that are stocked in Hamlin Lake. The HLPS Members who have donated to the Hamlin Lake Fish Fund have provided the funds to support the walleye and the entire Hamlin Lake Fishery. The HLPS Hamlin Lake Fish Fund was also the primary financial supporter of the 2019 Hamlin Lake Creel Census Survey.

  The Hamlin Lake Fishery isn’t sustainable without a dedicated stocking program. Natural reproduction of walleye in Hamlin Lake would provide minimal adult fish.

  THANK YOU to those who have financially supported the Hamlin Lake Fishery. Your generousity is appreciated by the fish and the fishermen and fisherwomen who enjoy the Hamlin Lake Fishery.

Wayne Andersen, HLPS Fishery Committee

Hamlin Lake is the largest man-made lake in Michigan.