I am privileged to share with the HLPS Community this introduction of one of our industrious community members.  Michelle will spend her summer working as an intern for HLPS.  As her assignment gains more granular direction and things begin to happen you will be the beneficiary of weekly updates from the Intern herself!

Meet Michelle . . . 

Hello, my name is Michelle Carter and I'm happy to have the opportunity of being an intern for Hamlin Lake PreservationMichelleCarter Society! The internship will focus on finding unknown source points of phosphorus leaching into the lake. Initially I will begin locating as many springs in Lake Hamlin as possible and testing the water coming from them. Current research shows, the phosphorus levels are declining, however I, as well as HLPS, would like to stay proactive in finding the sources keeping the current trend of phosphorous levels moving downward (since we have a LONG way to go to prevent eutrophication in the upper lake). The second, potential source point of interest is along the shoreline. With the consent of riparian owners, shallow well monitors would be placed along the shorelines to measure the quality of the ground water entering the lake. Some of the resources and support I will engage along the way are 1. My academic adviser Constance Schwass 2. HLPS Board members, Bruce Pelletier and Joe Muzo   3. Jim Clark, HLPS board member emeritus 4.  Mason Lake Conservation District staff and lastly 5. The staff from West Shore Community College and MSU Staff (including Dr. J Latimore)

As the internship progresses I will share updates at Hamlinlakepreservationsociety.org. This activity will further support HLPS goals of educating the community in support of a Healthy Lake environment.  

My family and I live in Hamlin Township and frequent the lake enjoying the abundant water activities available. Helping to keep the lake healthy is going to be a great privilege! 

Hamlin Lake is the largest man-made lake in Michigan.